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A Sad Day ...

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It is with a heavy heart that we have to report the following.

Our beloved treasurer Geo, under a little prodding from his significant other, took the plunge into the exciting world of indoor climbing.

There were fears for his safety but he seemed set on giving it a go.

We here at GA pleaded, begged, even offered an unspecified but considerable sum of money but it was all in vain ... Pauline would not let go of the rope while he was at the top of the wall and Geo made it through the afternoon safely.

Please give generously so next time we might tempt her a little more!


You Know You are an Archer ...

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... when you look at a breathtaking landscape and all you can think of is ... Where would a field boss look best?

Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, Japan


The First Midgie of Summer

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Just as the first archer of the summer has tentatively strolled out onto the field ... the first midgie of summer was seen floating around the containers speculatively eyeing necks, arms and ears.

We caught up with Mr Mrs Ms Midge Ee last Wednesday night to ask him/her/it a few questions:

GA: So Midge, another year in the sun?

ME: Yup and got to admit I'm looking forward to it. 1,000,000 kids to raise, a gallon of blood to suck out of archers, eyes to fly into just as you guys release ... gonna be wild!

GA: So no worries about countermeasures the archers might take?

ME: Hah! No chance.

GA So no worries about Andrew Duff's pipe?

ME: Errrr ....

GA: or the 300Litres of Skin so Soft that Geo was seen taking delivery of?

ME: well ...

GA: or the dust buster portable hoover the club just bought for those swarming days?

ME: Oh gods ...

GA: or Michael Mathers aftershave?

ME: ... I think I'm going to be sick!

GA: So there you have it. Glasgow Archers, taking a little pre-emptive retaliatory irritation to the first Midgie of Summer cause you know they're gonna be after us all summer long!


Eat Drink and make Merr .... err ... Argue!

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If its march it must be the Glasgow Archers night out. A night that many fine eating establishments have come to welcome and fear in equal measure.

Fear AND welcome? Well having 30-40 free spending, hungry customers drinking club purchased wine can be a nice little earner for your establishment. HOWEVER without whistles, judges and a 2 minute time limit ... things can get a bit messy/chaotic and indeed usually does!

This year our chosen eating establishment was Kublai Khan's in the merchant city. A restaurant which specializes in many and varied dead animals in a stir fry which you build yourself, cover in a sauce you concoct from components then have it cooked for you on a huge metal slab of a BBQ grill.

The usual suspects were all in attendance with several new faces partaking with great gusto in the 3+ hours of eating and gossip.

Archers were seen tucking into zebra, buffalo, wild boar, kangaroo, wild sheep, rabbit, alpaca, mussels, catfish, squid, baby octopus, cow (as rather boringly concentrated on by Pau) and chicken (bit of an outrageous choice there!)

Unlimited trips to the BBQ were permitted with several archers visiting 4 times! They were really trying to get their monies worth.

By 11pm it was all over although Geo was seen sneaking a portion of kangaroo while he was supposed to be ordering his desert!

ps: Mr Marshall snr and jnr were last seen heading for central station discussing the possibility of a visit to Burger King.


Shoot to Thrill

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Team GA was in action over the weekend of the 22nd of February in the cold and damp of Balbardie (Armadale Academy).
The round was an all day Double Portsmouth where an AM and a PM round of 60 arrows is shot at a 60cm target set at 20 yards.
The 3 archers, Number 666 on your program but Number 1 in your hearts were Geo, Pau and Mr Marshall snr.

In the distance day was dawning

A combination of competition nerves and imminent insanity had Geo shooting the worst round he has in 5 years. (Ed: That boy seriously needs to get his head looked at ... What? They have? Did they find anything? ... Oh!)
Stephen shot a bit down on his C class practice scores but its always hard to live up to practice in the stress of competition. Still... his 539 was not a score to be mocked. Certainly would have been a step up for Geo!
Pauline on the other hand managed to put 4 points onto her personal best even though she was lamenting equipment failure (a bolt fell off her bow and required judicial use of an allen key).
The lunchtime break arrived and hungry archers showed that a fork is probably their favourite tool after the bow!

After an hour for lunch, it was a rather weary Team GA that meandered up to the line to begin the afternoon session.

Afternoon Delight

Right from the word you could tell Geo was shooting better. It wasnt what you would call pretty and it would have had Michael choking on his meusli but the arrows were mostly going in the middle.

Stephen was keeping up the mornings pace with a consistant scoring rate but it was Pauline who was shooting out of her skin. After 2 dozen arrows she was on pace for a 535 with her red fletched X7's working over the gold.

However, as the afternoon wore on fatigue was starting to set in, 120 arrows plus sighters in a warm hall is quite tiring. Geo was onto the Lucazade (that well known curer of all ailments), Stephen was looking a little drained and Pauline was feeling the strain. With just 4 ends left, her first two arrows were safely in the 10 ring but the 3rd just didnt want to go through the clicker. With the 2 minutes of the end running out she came off the clicker and shot the bow with authority - more like Green Arrow than Ki Bo Bae it has to be admitted -  just missing the 10 ring and scoring a solid 9. Sniffing competitions end, all three archers dug deep and made it without incident to the final whistle.

Adding up is Hard to Do

With maximum score 1200 points for the day, it took a bit of adding but the final scores finally took shape after some prodding from calculators and phone Apps.
Stephen had clocked up 539 in the am, 536 for the pm for a total of 1075. Geo's morning troubles of 533 were added to a more consistent 552 post lunch for a total of 1085 and Pauline's 505 morning score was added to a quite phenomenal 529 in the afternoon for a total of 1034. This gave Pauline the D class medal but her afternoon score of 529 is just 5 points away from the border into C class awesomeness.

Congrats to the archers for completing this gruelling round and hope its put them in good form for The GA Spring Fling in March.

Results can be found here

Awesome Photos shot by Murray Elliot.


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