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Korean Supremacy 101

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We've been asked a few times recently why are the Koreans the best archers in the world.

As no country has yet replicated their flair or dominance we're not quite sure why they are SO good even though Korean coaches are active all round the world ... but watch this YouTube video of the Gold Medal match/Woman's Recurve competition from Telford's festival of Archery if you have any doubt they are the best.

These aren't even internationalists! Team LH (from the Korean archery league) brought their archers over we assume for the experience but they quite simply dominated.


Pay Here ...

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We're sorry to say that its THAT time of the year again!

The time when we let slip the rabid treasurer of GA ... and you find yourself having your pockets gone through.

Yes, its time to pay your GA membership subscriptions (and yes, we know its not that dissimilar to Terry Pratchett's opinion of taxation).

Between now and the 28th of February every full member will be visited (often when you are least expecting it) by our treasurer and 'invited' to contribute to the continued financial security of the club. It helps if you consider it more of a bribe for him to leave you alone ... at least until the AGB fees fall due in August.

Lists will be published of everyone's indebtedness which (with life memberships, discounts for working at club events and family reductions) will be different for everyone.

All quoted currencies, precious metals and negotiable instruments (bearer bonds, cheques etc) are acceptable forms of payment.


Festival of Archery - Telford

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Over the weekend of the 26th/27th of January the biggest indoor archery competition in the UK EVER was shot.

The nice thing about this competition was ANYONE could go shoot at it be you internationalist or comparative noob.

Many archers from Scotland attended including GA associate member Jamie Paton. Our own Club Chairman Dave Hutton attended as a spectator and the festival was even streamed live on Youtube.

How do we know Jamie and Wee Dave were present?

Well if you look here round about 165th place of the score card you'll find Jamie (full competition scoring details here).
To find confirmation of wee Dave's attendance you need only look on the Youtube feed (found here) at 7:33 and again at 10:33. Jamie is also visible at 6:06.

Hope you enjoyed yourselves guys and perhaps next year we can take a GA team down assuming this event gets run like this again.


Slow Motion Archery

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Disturbingly I can report that Geo has been surfing the net looking for the new, the disturbing, the bizarre and the deeply frightening. This time rather than scarring everyone for life ... again! ... he found a gem.

Back in 2008 Lloyd Brown, the current UK archery coach released a unique resource to Texas State Archery Association ... slow motion footage of some world class archers shooting in close up.

While the files are in .avi .mpg .mov and .wmv formats and look a little chunky to those of us used to hi def, they are extremely valuable as a teaching tool.

Included in the library of archers is footage of Park Sung Hyun ... the first archer to break 1400 in the FITA round, gold medal winner at the Athens Olympics and a world record holder in the FITA 720 round. You can do no better in archery than to study the form and style of one of archery's superstars.

Check out the footage here or click on the "Watching Archery Online" tab on the left hand menu.

ps: This time he found gold, next time we may not be so lucky ... so just be a little wary if Geo sends you a utube link!


Spring Fling

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Now that Xmas is over its time to start thinking about getting serious on the archery line again.

What better way than focusing your practice to get ready for Glasgow Archers Spring Fling, a double FITA 18 on the 23rd of March.

Last years combination FITA was well attended by all levels of archers ... from scottish squad members to novices AND from masters to juniors. We hope this one, the last indoor competition of the season before we are again being battered by the elements, will be the same.

You can find the entry form here or from the SAA Events page here (its down the bottom of the page!)


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