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Would you buy a used calculator from these men?

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And the opposite of Indoors is ..... ?

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This is going to come as a shock to some of our newer members ... but archery can take place OUTDOORS as well as indoors! In fact the warm and dry safety of our hall is about to give way (well, in a couple of weeks time) to the uncertainty of Glasgow's "change in minute" weather.

As of Wednesday 16th of April Glasgow Archers will be moving outdoors. Rather than turning right and parking at the hall when arriving at the field you need to turn left and park in front of the pavilion. The grassy swamp to your left next to the blaes field will be your home for the next 6 months or so.

Please consider that outdoor archery involves moist to Atlantis like footing, cold, wet, wind and ... well, think typical Glaswegian weather patterns! Thus you should dress accordingly ... archers with hypothermia or trench foot do not tend to fully concentrate on their archery.

Feel free to ask the club treasurer what he's got in his car boot if you want guidance as to what consider packing ... just from memory he's got a rain poncho, full waterproofs, rain hat, sun hat, shades, umbrella, wellies, stout hiking boots and a snorkel!

Have a read at this article ... it might prepare you for the reality of archery in Scotland during our torrential summer. (last years gorgeous weather was an aberration we'll not likely see again in our lifetimes)


New Club Uniform

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Thanks to Rona's excellent negotiation skills (in case you thought Rona's only job was keeping Michael under control) we now have a new supplier for club uniforms.

T-shirts or polo shirts will have the club badge embroidered on the front and a 'forest' of arrows in white on the back with 'Glasgow Archers' underneath, also in white.

T-shirts will cost approx. £9, Polos approx. £13, with sizes ranging from S to XL.

Fleeces and sweatshirts will also be available, with the club badge on the front.

If you would like to order any item please contact Rona during club night or via the club email address - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it marking it Uniforms - for the attention of Rona


The Times They Are a Changin.... Slightly

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Due to cunning bookings by groups other than archers it wasnt possible to get EVERY 1:30-3:30 Saturday slot at Craigholme booked out ... 2 got away from us.

So please note the below session times for archery on that particular Saturday:

22nd February – 4pm-6pm  

15th March – 2.30pm-4.30pm

Obviously you dont want to be sitting outside the hall for an hour or two but at least it will give Geo someone to talk to (well, rant at).

Honestly he's down that field more often than the staff ... we think he lives in one of the containers!


Shooting the Grass ... INTENTIONALLY!

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Honestly its a proper type of archery called Clout.

Clout is where archers shoot arrows at a flag set in the ground (known as "the Clout") from a relatively long distance and score points depending on how close each arrow lands to the flag. Note: Clout takes place OUTSIDE!

With that in mind ...

The Glasgow Archers 2014 Clout Shoot will take place on Sunday 9th February at 11am.
(best get there for 10:30ish - meet down at the field)

How does it work? ... Well, Scoring zones are defined by distance from the flag pole - just like a huge imaginary target face lying on the ground. Each arrow scores points depending on which scoring zone it enters the ground in. An arrow embedded in the flag pole is counted as being in the highest scoring zone. If an arrow is lying on the ground, it is considered to be in the scoring zone in which its point lies.

The scoring zones are measured with a rope (skilfully made by our very own Andrew Duff) marked with the radii of the scoring zones, attached to the flag pole and swept around it to determine which arrows are in which zones.

This will be a very informal, fun shoot to give Club members a taste of this kind of competition.  We will be using club bows and arrows so you don't need to bring your own equipment. Hot Chocolate and Danish pastries will be served after the shoot.

Please reply via email to the webpage contact address if you intend to come along or add your name to the list which will go on the board Wednesday night!

NB: as clout takes place outside, warm (but not loose clothing) is recommended and gloves/fingerless gloves for in between ends a wise idea and realizing that some of you have never been down the field except during last years dry summer ... assume the mud is going to be impressively deep.


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