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Bad News ... He's Back!

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Its said of the Ravens that inhabit the Tower of London ... “If the Tower of London Ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it."

Glasgow archers also have a legend ... that if our Rabid Treasurer should ever not appear for two consecutive club nights then “... ye membershipe shall be mightily releived and all shall dance around ye contiainers in celebratione”.

We were asked by dozens of ... oh alright ... one member where Geo had got to on May the 25th, the 28th, the 1st and 4th of June. Seems he went on holiday and left the country. Amazingly we hear he has been allowed back into the country. (more of you need to sign the petition next time!)

Details of the Hamsters euro tour are sketchy. Stories of French archers fearing for their lives after offering the traditional French greeting of Bise are probably exaggerated ... and then again perhaps they are not!

But your GA news team do believe that they have found evidence of him disguising himself as a high flying coach and imparted dodgy advice to furrin archers at at least one club in a bid to ensure the French never win anything in archery ever again! Way to go Geo!



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Posted in the Archery Interchange shoutbox at 4:43pm 16/5/2014 ...

Exciting Job opportunities at Merlin Archery's new store soon to open in Durham in the North East of England, If you're interested in applying contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Durham is 165 miles or approximately 2hrs and 45 minutes away.

Gentle archers ... start your engines and warm up those credit cards!



The Hamish tm

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For those of you who dont know, life member Hamish Robertson was one of Glasgow Archers founding fathers. To commemorate his birthday, each year we hold...


... A small, friendly archery competition which is open to all Glasgow Archer members and friends of Hamish.

Its shot on the wednesday club night closest to Hamish's birthday (this year its wednesday 14th of May) and consists of :
- 3 dozen arrows
- shot in 3 arrow ends
- at 50 yards (30 yards for novices shooting club bows and Juniors)
- using Imperial scoring (gold=9, red=7, blue=5, black=3 and white=1).

Entry is free, there are medals/trophies and we hear the reigning gents recurve champion isn't competing this year so the trophy is up for grabs. First arrows are at 7pm, before that you can practice all you like ...

So who wants it?


Archers Creed

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The US Marine Corps have a prayer - its called the Riflemans Creed as every marine is required to be a trained rifleman. History and tradition give the US marines an extremely close relationship with their rifles ... and given Archers love their bows at least as much as marines love their rifles, perhaps we should have a creed/prayer as well:

This is my bow.
There are many others like it, but this one is mine so don’t even think about touching it.
My bow is my best friend.
It is my life even when I am asleep because I dream about archery.
I must master it as I must master my bad language when I make a lousy shot.
Without me, my bow would probably win every competition it goes to.
Without my
bow, I would have to shoot a training bow and that would make me sad.
I must shoot my bow true.
I must shoot better than my opponents, who are trying to steal medals that are rightly mine...
...and put them off by being mega confident even if I'm as nervous as a cat in a dog pound.
Before the archery gods I swear this creed:
My bow and myself are defenders of my position in the Scottish rankings, we are the masters of our class and we pay the mortgages of coaches.
So be it, until I’m in the Scottish squad and everyone gets peace from my endless whynging.



Missing Hamster Found

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In case you wondered where our rabid treasurer had gone this weekend ... I mean 2 days and not spotted on any shooting line in the west of Scotland! Where the Hoyt is he?
Could he be sick? Well ..... physically sick? Nope, not this time!
Apparently He had undertaken a pilgrimage to the mystical east (well Penicuik!) for coaching.

Now any interaction between coach and the Hamster is fairly traumatic for both sides but this weekend seems to be on the epic end of things.

Virtually on entry to the event Geo was poked, prodded, webcammed, photoshopped, evaluated and apparently found wanting by Senior coach Peter Lennon. As you can imagine this was not a pleasant experience for our most aspirant archer and it got even more traumatic when he was told he had to shoot a training bow all morning. As most of you will know the only way to get Davidson's bow off him normally is with wild equines, dangerous levels of sedation and a crowbar. Your website news team suspect he was a tad jittery all morning.

Things did go a little better for Geo in the afternoon when he was re-evaluated and his style had improved considerably. Obviously Coach Lennon has Geo's number. Only question is will he still be able to remember what they taught him over the weekend as he is an archer of very little brain!


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