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What? No Jam!

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There are those of us SO obsessed with archery that we just cant wait for breakfast before starting practice!


An Archer at full draw is never going to be a Super Model.

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Bradley got all glamour model photographer when this picture was being taken ...

"Oh yeah work it baby work it! ... Dance for me dance! ... Give me some Sugar baby!"

... and as Geo shot all over the face that end, we've found a new way to annoy our treasurer!

(Ps: take care as thats an Extreme Sport at the best of times)


Born to Run My @&$£!

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Sunday 5th October is another day to make archers seethe.

Its the day of the Great Scottish Run which will once again go right past our field.

Map of route here

This will be an all day event with a 10k in the morning and a half marathon in the afternoon. As a result the field will be isolated, not very accessible and very possibly host to paramedics so making getting down to the field, getting in, shooting safely and getting out a pretty fraught affair.

Geo will not be down ... his exact words were unprintable but we got the idea he feels the runners should just jump off the first bridge they come to. Not a great lover of these runs is our treasurer.

Update: The field WILL be closed on Sunday 5th ... Amanda from Craigholme has given us the official word.


Inside its Safe and Dry and Warm

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Below are all of our indoor lets for the 2015-16 indoor season.

Sunday sessions are still outside but are quite often dependent on weather, keyholders attending competitions ... and the inability of our treasurer to crawl out of his pit.

Sorry for the format but retyping this information was a task too many this evening!


Archery Tax

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Dear Membership...

AGB/GNAS wants your money. Lots of it. This is for your insurance, memberships of the UK archer association and pays for the biccies the Scottish archery association committee (Michael and Alistair) snacks on while thinking deep thoughts.

It has to be with AGB/GNAS for the 1st September otherwise AGB only promise to lose our returns. If they have the monies by 1st Sept they promise to have the October 1st 2014 – 30th September 2015 membership card in all its plastically gorgeousness in your grubby, arrow lube and fletching glue stained hands by 1st October. Thus the last date you can pay this and get the 1st October guarantee will be Wednesday 27th August, otherwise your return will be put to the back of a very long queue.

Fees this year have yet to be confirmed but we suspect they will be...

Adult: AGB/GNAS fee =£40** ... SAA fee = £27 ... total = £67

There is no charge for the Western Area as the area has been declared moribund and therefore cant levy dosh from archers (everyone celebrate at your own convenience)

Junior: AGB/GNAS fee =£25** ... SAA fee = £14 ... total = £39

Family Discounts are available as normal.

All members are required to pay this no matter when you joined as your previous fee would have been prorata’ed to get you to this point.

Please form an orderly queue near our treasurer and he will fleece you at his convenience. (preferably for everyone's safety when he's NOT holding a bow)

** AGB have put the prices up by £1 this year


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