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Epiphany is not a river in Asia

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Epiphanies about archery can come from many places. Here is celebrity archery coach Po with today's thought ...

... There is no secret ingredient. Its just you! (and your bow)
Kung Fu Panda


"Santa lives in the Merlin Archery Shop" says Geo

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Remember the Halloween shoot? Well that master of the strange target has been back at it. Because its time for ...

The GA XMAS Cracker Shoot

By now you know the format. Evenly balanced teams, bizarre targets, everyone wearing silly xmas hats and much mocking of ... well, of everyone!

First arrows will be at 7pm, Wednesday 17th Dec at Craigholme

... and if anyone asks why this is the best shoot of the year, tell them:

* you get to shoot at strange targets with dodgy rules and iffy scoring
* you get the right to wear silly hats ... even more silly than is normal for archers
* you get an inkling as to whats going on between Geo's ears (those moments when he's not shooting)
* you have to talk to Glasgow Archers you've never spoken to or indeed seen before
* you watch Luke Marshall eat all the sweeties

Be there or be somewhere else!


First Aldi ... now Lidl!

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Want a cheap spotting scope for those summer days down the field at 50 or 70m?

Well Lidl have decided to follow in Aldi's footsteps and are offering the following spotting scope to the discerning archer.

Auriol Spotting Scope

Now while these scopes are wonderfully priced there are two things to note:
1) Quality control on this scope can be a little variable with lens' misting up so check your purchase in the shop before scampering to the checkout.
2) You need a proper tripod to use on the field. If you dont have one littering the house somewhere, a reasonable tripod can be got on amazon for quite reasonable money. Geo has used a Hama Star 42 for many years without trouble. See below for its slightly sturdier cousin.

Hama Star 61 tripod

According to the Lidl website these puppies will be on sale from the 4th December but they never last very long. If you want one be quick!


Give us an A, Give us a G, Give us an M ...

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... whats that spelll?

Archers arguing in a small room?

Oh ok, it must be time for the GA AGM.

Wednesday, 3rd December, 6:45pm at Craigholme ... and the faster we get it done, the faster we all get to shooting.

Find below links to the agenda, minutes from last year and our constitution.

Be there or Geo gets to make all the decisions ... again!

Agenda 2014
Minutes AGM 2013
GA Constitution


Awesome SAA Event

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Organised by the SAA on the 23rd of November ... Great Britain National Coach Lloyd Brown took time from his busy schedule of building the national squad to come talk/reason/cajole and occasionally preach the gospel about archery to ... how shall we say ... more aspirant archers than his usual elite brood.

Held at the rather impressive Ayrshire Athletics Arena in Kilmarnock, the all day coaching event was organized by SAA performance director Claudine Jennings. This intensive classroom and range workshop was attended by those archers who seriously desire to be better and frankly you'll never seen a more attentive group of note taking, cam corder wielding, knowledge sponges in your life.

On hand to soak up the knowledge for the benefit of Glasgow Archers was our own Wee Dave Hutton, there to learn all he could from the AGB International coach.

(There was also a GA archer on hand having sneaked in ninja like at the last moment ... can you guess who it was?)


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