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Fancy Dress Fun Shoot 20th April

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To commemorate the end of our first season indoors at Craigholme, our last indoor shooting day - 20th April - is to be a fancy dress fun shoot.

For once, clothing will be gay (that's in the sense of being happy), grim shooting faces will be left at home and there will be an air of "I dont care what this arrow scores" (although don't expect miracles from our resident hamster).

After this we'll be back out in the elements and suffering all that Scottish weather can throw at us so this is your one chance to give that 'devil may care' dress sense an airing. After this it will be wellies, wet weather gear and thermals again.

So 20th April lets see those costumes ... cause its Fun Shoot time!


Club Target Days

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Come the spring, when archers emerge from their indoor existence like hibernating badgers, Sunday shooting at Craigholme will be a little more focused than normal. In addition to the normal open practice sessions for those with their own kit, we intend to run Club Target Days at least once per month.

A Club Target Day is a semi-formal, timed practice session where it is possible to gain officially recognized handicaps and classifications. These ‘rankings’ are usually achieved during competitions but using a Club Target Day is a slightly more informal and relaxed way to find your handicap and class. It gets you comfortable with shooting against the clock, with pressure as well as letting you just how good you are. And once you know how good, you can tell if you are getting better!

So how does this work? … The Club Target Day will be announced in advance on the website. Register your interest and let us know what level you’d like to shoot. Turn up at Craigholme at 10am that Sunday morning and weather permitting, shoot the round we have prepared (an appropriate FITA or Imperial). Committee members will act as timekeepers and judges enforcing the timed ends and ruling on disputed arrow values. Shoot 3 ranking rounds, we validate your scores against GNAS handicap/class tables and bingo … you have a class and handicap. Obviously you should prepare in advance with focused practice to get accurate sight marks and confidence at the range(s) for your chosen round.

Inexperienced Archers (2nd and 3rd Class achievable):
Fita round - Short Metric …               3dozen @ 50m, 3dozen @ 30m, 80cm face
Imperial round - National …              4dozen @ 60yrds, 2dozen @ 50yrds, 122cm face

Experienced Archers (1st, 2nd and 3rd Class achievable):
Fita round – 70m FITA …                  6dozen @ 70m, 122cm face
Imperial round – Long National …    4dozen @ 80yrds, 2dozen @ 60yrds, 122cm face

Very Experienced Archers (Bowman, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class achievable):
Fita round – Half FITA …                  1.5dozen @ 90m, 1.5dozen @ 70m, 122cm face
..............................................................1.5dozen @ 50m, 1.5dozen @ 30m, 80cm face

Imperial round – New National …     4dozen @ 100yrds, 2dozen @ 80yrds, 122cm face

There are too many permutations of bow, gender and age to list the qualifying scores here but rest assured we’ll let you know what you need to score for each class … assuming you want to know in advance. If often better not to know!

The first Club Target Day will be announced fairly soon so best shooting trousers on and get ready to prove you have (a) class after all! There might even be badges!

Note: The availability of the longer distances (70m and beyond) are dependant on there being no-one using the all weather pitch since that constitutes part of our overshoot area. We have no control over this.



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From the beginning of the outdoor season in April the club will be introducing a number of initiatives to help you get the best from your archery.


Firstly we intend to introduce a personal improvement scheme where archers who wish to partake can challenge themselves to improve their scores for different distances.

The idea is the archer can take part in a formalised shoots at the club or at competitions where their score is recorded. This score is then used to award the archer a club recognition badge for the respective distance and average score per arrow. We use the average score as it allows for various rounds to be shot at similar distances

These badges will make use of the GA logo with the number of arrows depicted on the badge showing the level achieved. An average of 5 per arrow for the range shot will get a single arrow badge award. An average of 7 gets a double arrow and the triple arrow badge will be awarded when an archer achieves the most excellent ability to score an average of 9 per arrow.

Archers will be encouraged not to progress to longer distances until they are awarded the double arrow badge from the previous distance. This is in no way intended to be restrictive, but how many of us have shot a distance before we ready only to get frustrated at constant misses and arrow searching. However we will not stop anyone from trying longer ranges, merely encourage archers to take their progression in controlled steps.

Indeed it could well be necessary for people to shoot a distance longer than they are ready for to take part in competitions like the American.

Paul Doyle has kindly agreed to be record keeper for this scheme and your scores should be submitted to him - in a legible format please

Coaching and Mentoring

We are also in the process of expanding our coaching team, albeit modestly. However this should free up the senior coaches, Michael and David to instruct and assist intermediate and experienced archers.

The mentoring scheme will be reintroduced and formalised so that newer archers will have someone they can approach for more general matters and guidance. We will be looking for senior archers to volunteer as mentors whose duty will be to help new members understand etiquette and protocol and point them in the right direction for more detailed needs. Remember, your mentor is not a life coach so don't phone them up at 3am to rescue kitty from the neighbours tree!


We will also be putting together a timetable for short (15minute or so) workshops. These will give a grounding in those archery skills found off the shooting line. Topics would include things like equipment selection and bow set up. We welcome suggestions for topics to be covered as we intend to tailor it to suit your wants and needs as archers.

All in all we’re in for a busy year. If you have any questions or even helpful suggestions then please speak to us. It's your club. Let's make it challenging but at the same time fun.


Craigholme - Indoor Shooting Rules

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As of the 12th Jan we will be moving into our new indoor shooting facility at Craigholme. This is a great move for us as it centralises our equipment and gives us a permanent base with the opportunity to start holding indoor events to compliment our outdoor competitions. We should also avoid the unfortunate disruption that was at our previous venue.

However, with the upgrade to our shooting environment comes greater responsibility and we must all be aware of what is required to look after and care for the school's sports facility.

As such we have drawn up the following rules to be followed for each and every night and I will send a pdf copy out via email to ensure everyone understands what is required. We do ask you to assist us in ensuring everyone is familiar with these and we can all look forward to a superior indoor archery experience


Glasgow Archers Indoor Season 2010/2011

Criagholme Sports Hall

As you should be aware, the protective netting has been installed in the Craigholme Sports Hall and we are due to commence using the hall on the 12th of January 2011.

As part of the agreement with the school, we must ensure that we do everything possible to protect the physical structure of the sports hall, and from a club point of view we need to protect the long standing relationship we have with the school.  It is important to remember that the new facility is much bigger than the current one, making club nights more comfortable and also allowing the possibility of hosting competitions in the future, so a little upheaval and a short “settling in” period may be required.

To this end, the school have tabled a list of criteria that must be adhered to, and this will require diligence and co-operation from all club members.  Below are some important points that represent the major changes to your average club night.

  • NO OUTDOOR SHOES – No outdoor shoes to be worn in the gym hall.  Please bring clean, non-marking,  indoor shoes for wearing whilst shooting. If you don’t have indoor shoes you will not be allowed to shoot.  This point is non-negotiable so no complaining if you forget!!

This is also applicable to all those attending, including visitors and parents bringing younger archers.

  • COME EARLY – The new facility will require club members to come along early enough to help set up the extra Bosses, as well as give yourself enough time to set up your bow and transport it from the equipment area to the waiting line.

On entry to the venue please make your way up to the mezzanine area to set up your bow.

Tackle boxes will not be allowed to be brought into the gym hall and left on the floor. The only exception to this is where we have members with a disability.  In these cases, wheelchairs, support stands, etc. along with tackle boxes may be brought into the gym hall. In this case, such tackle boxes should be stored on the shelving area on the far side of the gym hall.

  • Target stands must be placed on the crash mats that we have purchased for this purpose, and when removing the bosses from the stands, these must not be placed on the gym hall floor - but must be carried to the storage cupboard.
  • Our let is from 18:30 - 21:00 and as we must be out of the building by 21:00 all archers will be expected to help set up and take away the targets.

We would ask for co-operation on all of these points from all club members and visitors. We have a strong relationship with the school and this can only be maintained if we all follow these simple rules.


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