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Why US hunters need armour piercing arrows...

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Pump that Iron

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There's been some interest recently in what exercises are good for the muscles required in archery. Thats actual shooting ... rather than the muscles needed to drag around a portable workshop (like the one in Geo's pack!)

While this website is in the middle of a move to a new domain, it will be worth keeping track of information put up here as its all good stuff.

Tenzone Website

You too can have a body that is a temple to good health ... rather than a body more akin to a funfair with a large beer tent.


Top Buns ... err ... Guns

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Dateline: Sunday 18th January
Location: Maybole in deepest, darkest Ayrshire
On the Line:
Western Area Championships

The Western Area might be a tad moribund right now but that doesnt stop the West's archers from shooting it out for the silverware.

Taking part and representing our beloved club were club treasurer Geo and our favourite archère français Pauline.

When the dust settled and Geo was forcibly made put his bow away, the medals and trophies were distributed ...

Pauline bagged herself the West of Scotland Ladies Recurve trophy, a 1st place gold medal and was last seen doing The Happy Dance tm in the car park.

Geo on the other hand took second place in a hotly contested gents recurve section. He was heard lamenting (at length) over several fluffed shots/a flinch so big he nearly missed the back wall and had a bottom lip you could have used as a wash hand basin ... still, quite an uncharacteristic show of good sportsmanship from Geo. Not like his usual display of post shoot huffiness.

All in all a good trip to Maybole although the West may have to apply to Europol to track down Pau and their trophy as I dont think they are getting it back!


How many errors?

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This was an ad for a Mexican University. They got it slightly wrong with their photo shoot. How many errors in form, kit et al can you spot.

ps: There may be no upper number!


A Sad Passing

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Not a funny or irreverent post but a sad one.

The coach who originally taught me to shoot many years ago, Coach David McPherson of Monklands Archers passed away recently. I'll always remember him as a bundle of energy who could take his passions and pass them on.

My thoughts are with his wife Margaret who was extremely kind to me when I restarted archery back in 2008.



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