The First Midgie of Summer

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Just as the first archer of the summer has tentatively strolled out onto the field ... the first midgie of summer was seen floating around the containers speculatively eyeing necks, arms and ears.

We caught up with Mr Mrs Ms Midge Ee last Wednesday night to ask him/her/it a few questions:

GA: So Midge, another year in the sun?

ME: Yup and got to admit I'm looking forward to it. 1,000,000 kids to raise, a gallon of blood to suck out of archers, eyes to fly into just as you guys release ... gonna be wild!

GA: So no worries about countermeasures the archers might take?

ME: Hah! No chance.

GA So no worries about Andrew Duff's pipe?

ME: Errrr ....

GA: or the 300Litres of Skin so Soft that Geo was seen taking delivery of?

ME: well ...

GA: or the dust buster portable hoover the club just bought for those swarming days?

ME: Oh gods ...

GA: or Michael Mathers aftershave?

ME: ... I think I'm going to be sick!

GA: So there you have it. Glasgow Archers, taking a little pre-emptive retaliatory irritation to the first Midgie of Summer cause you know they're gonna be after us all summer long!