Eat Drink and make Merr .... err ... Argue!

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If its march it must be the Glasgow Archers night out. A night that many fine eating establishments have come to welcome and fear in equal measure.

Fear AND welcome? Well having 30-40 free spending, hungry customers drinking club purchased wine can be a nice little earner for your establishment. HOWEVER without whistles, judges and a 2 minute time limit ... things can get a bit messy/chaotic and indeed usually does!

This year our chosen eating establishment was Kublai Khan's in the merchant city. A restaurant which specializes in many and varied dead animals in a stir fry which you build yourself, cover in a sauce you concoct from components then have it cooked for you on a huge metal slab of a BBQ grill.

The usual suspects were all in attendance with several new faces partaking with great gusto in the 3+ hours of eating and gossip.

Archers were seen tucking into zebra, buffalo, wild boar, kangaroo, wild sheep, rabbit, alpaca, mussels, catfish, squid, baby octopus, cow (as rather boringly concentrated on by Pau) and chicken (bit of an outrageous choice there!)

Unlimited trips to the BBQ were permitted with several archers visiting 4 times! They were really trying to get their monies worth.

By 11pm it was all over although Geo was seen sneaking a portion of kangaroo while he was supposed to be ordering his desert!

ps: Mr Marshall snr and jnr were last seen heading for central station discussing the possibility of a visit to Burger King.